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School Excursions Australia

Science Technology Engineering and Maths

At Away We Go Tours, we believe in inspiring the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. Our STEM themed excursions offer students an exciting opportunity to explore the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Digital technology now shapes our daily lives and will impact the workforce significantly. Prioritising STEM education, equips students with vital skills like critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. Through hands-on workshops, interactive visits to cutting-edge research institutions, and engagements with STEM experts, students will be immersed in the world of discovery and creativity.

STEM cultivates life skills for our tech-driven world. Our itineraries are carefully curated to align with curriculum standards, ensuring meaningful learning experiences. Excursions seamlessly integrate these diverse disciplines, allowing students to grasp key scientific concepts, experiment with cutting-edge technology, engage in engineering challenges, and apply mathematical principles to real-world scenarios.

Our STEM excursions cater to diverse interests and learning levels. Nurture your students’ curiosity and passion for STEM fields with our enriching and educational STEM themed excursions. This holistic approach empowers students with a wide range of knowledge and competencies, from critical thinking and problem-solving to effective communication and cultural awareness. Prepare your students for the rapidly evolving landscape of the future by immersing them in an unforgettable STEM and language-infused experience during one of our excursions.

STEM Destinations

  • Questacon
  • Canberra
  • Deep Space
  • Geoscience Centre
  • Mt Stromlo Observatory
  • National Library
  • Queensland Science Museum
  • Mt Thomas Planetarium
  • The Story Bridge
  • Wheel Of Brisbane
  • The Cube
  • Queensland Maritime Museum
  • iFly
  • Brisbane Stock Exchange
  • Melbourne Science Works
  • Lego Land
  • Eureka Sky Deck
  • Customs House
  • ANSTO Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
  • Powerhouse Museum
  • Pylon Lookout
  • Sydney Observatory
  • Sydney Olympic Park
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Reserve Bank Museum
  • Sydney Stock Exchange

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