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International School Tours


Germany is an outstanding school tour destination offering a diverse range of educational opportunities. AWGT can offer educational tours and museums visits that cater to different subjects’ areas, including science, technology, history, art, and music.

Germany is steeped in history, with significant landmarks like the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the remnants of the Roman Empire in Trier. Students can gain a deeper understanding of European history by exploring these iconic sites.

World War History Curriculum links: Germany’s history during World War II is an essential part of global history. Visiting places like the Holocaust Memorial and museums can provide a powerful educational experience.

Performing Arts: Germany has a vibrant cultural scene with world-class music and art performances. Students can attend concerts, operas, and museums to immerse themselves in German culture.

Language and Cultural Immersion: German is one of the world’s major languages, and students can practice their language skills while interacting with locals.

Engineering and Technology: Germany is known for its engineering and technological advancements. Students interested in STEM fields can visit research centres and high-tech industries. If sustainability and Green Initiatives is your learning focus, then Germany is an ideal destination as they are at the forefront of sustainable practices and renewable energy. Students can learn about the country’s commitment to environmental conservation.

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