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Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, provides excellent opportunities for learning and exploration. Adelaide has a diverse range of educational and cultural attractions to suit various interests and age groups.
Our consultants make sure your South Australian school excursion aligns with the curriculum and learning objectives.

Here are some popular school excursion attraction options in Adelaide:

Adelaide Zoo: The Adelaide Zoo is home to more than 2,500 animals, including some endangered species. A visit to the zoo can be both educational and fun, as students learn about wildlife conservation and the importance of preserving biodiversity.

South Australian Museum: The South Australian Museum features extensive exhibits on natural history, cultural heritage, and Aboriginal art. Students can learn about the history and traditions of the Indigenous people of the region.

Art Gallery of South Australia: The Art Gallery offers a diverse collection of Australian and international art. Students can explore various art movements and learn about different artistic styles and techniques.

Adelaide Botanic Garden: The Botanic Garden provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about plant diversity, conservation, and sustainable gardening practices.

Migration Museum: The Migration Museum tells the story of South Australia’s diverse population and the contributions of immigrants to the state’s development. It offers insights into multiculturalism and the experiences of people from different backgrounds.

Cleland Wildlife Park: Cleland Wildlife Park allows students to get up close to native Australian wildlife. They can learn about the unique animals found in the region and their habitats.

Adelaide Oval: A tour of Adelaide Oval provides students with insights into the history of cricket and Australian rules football and the cultural significance of these sports in the region.

History and Heritage Walks: Adelaide offers walking tours that focus on its historical buildings, architecture, and colonial past. These tours can enhance students’ understanding of the city’s development and heritage.

Maritime Museum: The South Australian Maritime Museum offers exhibits on maritime history, shipwrecks, and navigation, providing insights into the state’s maritime heritag

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