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School Excursions Australia

Planning Information

Planning Information

Away We Go Tours specialises in providing individually tailored packages designed to achieve maximum curriculum effect, with a huge range of options for students to explore learning experiences outside of school, which are both enriching and safe.

We are committed to planning and constructing the complete excursion package to suit both your focus and budget. We believe this should be a rewarding experience for teachers as well as students!

We offer curriculum-based itineraries, building on the concepts taught in the classroom, providing opportunities for students to discover new things for themselves, through participation in hands-on activities.

The feedback that we regularly receive from teachers is testimony to our commitment to providing an excellent excursion experience. Our expertise and dedication will make the trip as easy as possible for you to plan, promote and enjoy.

We share your passion for motivating your students and will work tirelessly to support you every step of the way. Above all else, we want you to be inspired, start planning, and contact our expert staff to help you organise your next unforgettable school excursion.

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