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International School Tours


Japan is an exotic, exciting county with friendly, polite people and a unique culture. It is a land of contrast; ancient temples and castles and the latest technology. Students will encounter many cultural differences as they sleep on traditional futon bedding, take a bath Japanese style, eat typical Japanese food and practice their Japanese language skills.

Travel by coach, train and the world famous Bullet Train with your Japan Railpass. Discover an amazing variety of places from the modern cities of Tokyo and Osaka to the peaceful countryside of Takayama. Discover Japanese traditional and culture in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, with its thousands of shrines and temples. Visit historic Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome and feed the deer on Miyajima Island. Another of Japan’s signature experiences is lodging at a traditional inn, known as a ryokan, where rooms feature sliding paper walls, straw mats and Japanese versions of futons.

Japan has had many identities through the centuries; its story is a fascinating one. Tokyo is the modern-day centre of pop culture and business, while Kyoto remains the most traditional of the big cities. The country has unsurpassed natural beauty – see it from the window of the high-speed shinkansen train and in the majestic lakes and mountains of Hakone National Park.

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