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International School Tours


Vietnam is beautiful with its landscape ranging from jagged mountains and brilliant green rice fields to the limestone pinnacles of Halong Bay, and the idyllic palm fringed beaches.

Vietnam is becoming more popular as an international school tour destination. There is much on offer in terms of history, geography, adventure and cultural interaction.

The study of the Vietnam War in which Australian Soldiers were involved from 1962 to 1973, provides real life experience bringing Australian history alive. Visit the former Australian Task Force Base in Nui Dat and the Long Tan battle field to the memorial cross, erected on the battle site in 1969 in memory of 18 Australian soldiers who lost their lives during this heroic battle.

However, what makes Vietnam extra special are the Vietnamese people. Their warm and welcoming nature, along with their mouth-watering cuisine makes Vietnam an exciting, engaging curriculum linked school tour destination.

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