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School Excursions Australia


Dubbo, located in New South Wales, Australia, should not be overlooked as an excellent school tour destination due to its diverse range of educational and recreational opportunities.

The highlight of a trip to Dubbo for many visitors is the Taronga Western Plains Zoo. It’s an immersive experience where students can see a wide variety of animals from all over the world in spacious, naturalistic enclosures. The zoo offers educational programs and talks, allowing students to learn about wildlife conservation and the importance of protecting endangered species.

Dubbo boasts several educational facilities and museums that can enhance the learning experience for students. The Old Dubbo Gaol provides insights into Australia’s convict history, while the Dubbo Observatory allows students to explore the night sky and learn about astronomy. The region is home to the Wiradjuri people, and visiting Dubbo can be an opportunity to learn about their culture and history.
Dubbo offers plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, bushwalking, and cycling, which can provide students with opportunities to learn about nature and physical education.

When planning a school tour to Dubbo, we know that it’s important to include activities that align with the educational objectives and interests of the students, so chat with one of our destination specialists today to design an itinerary that suits your school needs.

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