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Risk Assessments

Away We Go Tours can help you with Risk Assessment requirements for your School Tour. We understand the importance and the need for a Risk Management plan prior to travel.

Risk Management is a process consisting of well defined steps, when taken in sequence, support good decision making by contributing to a greater insight into risks and their impact.

Consultation with key stakeholders including staff, parents, and external venue providers is a central component of the risk management process. Although the focus for risk management may differ from school to school, the same steps should be followed. Risks need to be identified, then analysed and evaluated in terms of the potential impact for students and staff undertaking the excursion.

Once a tour is booked through Away We Go Tours, we offer lots of time saving information and forms to help the organising teacher regarding Risk Assessment requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, or background information 
pertaining to your booked tour.

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