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School Excursions Australia


The National Capital attractions offer a diverse range of exciting school excursion education programs covering civics and citizenship, history and heritage, art, science, the environment and culture.

They use a range of engaging educational techniques along with interactive displays, hands-on activities and role plays.

By visiting Canberra on a school excursion, students develop a deeper understanding of how we’re governed and our Australian Identity, fostering a sense of national pride. Participating in a wide range of programs in Canberra builds students understanding of how we are governed, how laws are made, electoral processes and rights, Australian identity, history and heritage and so much more.

Canberra is without a doubt the most popular school excursion destination with over 120,000 students visiting each year.

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Some-popular multi-destination excursions to Canberra include:

  • 3-5 Day Canberra/Snow Play
  • 3-5 Day Canberra/Snowsports
  • 3-5 Day Sydney/Canberra/Snowsports

Curriculum Focused Excursions in Canberra

A school excursion to Canberra for civics and citizenship education offer students a unique opportunity to explore Australia’s political and cultural heart as the capital city Canberra’s home to significant government institutions and civic landmarks that provide firsthand experiences in understanding the nations democratic processes and governance

Key Attractions

  • Parliament House
  • Museum of Australian Democracy
  • Australian War Memorial

Learning Experiences

Key Attractions

  • Australian Institute of Sport
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