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School Excursions Australia

Conservation Sustainability and Ethics

Sustainability-focused school excursions are an excellent way to educate students about environmental and social issues, inspire a sense of responsibility, and promote sustainable practices. These excursions can be both educational and enjoyable, offering students hands-on learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom.We include a variety of programs and partner with many local organisations to design a itinerary that meets all your learning goals

Guided tours by park rangers or environmental educators can help students understand the local flora and fauna and the significance of conservation efforts or we take students to organic farms to learn about sustainable agriculture, organic farming practices, and the benefits of consuming locally grown, pesticide-free produce. Students can participate in planting, harvesting, or composting activities to experience sustainable farming firsthand.

A visit to a recycling centre or waste management facility can provide insights into the recycling process and the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling waste. Students can learn about waste segregation, recycling techniques, and the impact of waste on the environment.

Visits to renewable energy sites like wind farms, solar power plants, or hydroelectric facilities to teach students about clean energy sources and their role in combating climate change. Students can witness sustainable energy production and understand its benefits.

Water conservation projects educate students about the importance of water conservation, efficient water use, and protecting water resources. There are many options to take your classroom teaching and showcase these concepts in real life.

Sustainability and Ethics Destinations

  • Deep Space
  • Geoscience Centre
  • Mt Stromlo Observatory
  • Canberra Zoo and Aquarium
  • Queensland Science Museum
  • Mt Thomas Planetarium
  • The Cube
  • Queensland Maritime Museum
  • Conservation and wetlands volunteering
  • SeaLife Melbourne
  • Melbourne Zoo 
  • ANSTO Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Organisation
  • Sydney Observatory

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