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An Interview with The Capital Airport Motel

Looking for School Excursion Accommodation in Canberra? Read our interview with The Capital Airport Motel

The Capital Airport Motel provides accommodation for Away We Go Tours School groups travelling to Canberra, and we have received outstanding reviews so far, so we could not resist the opportunity to ask them some questions in the below interview.

AWGT: Hi Ryan Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. To get started, could you tell us a little about your position at CAM and what accommodation options you offer for school groups?

Of course, I’d be happy to. Both my wife, Kathryn and I are the business Manager’s of CAM.The Capital Airport Motel specialises in providing accommodation for school excursions. We have been in the business for many years, and we understand the unique needs of schools and their students. Our company directors have an education background being classroom teachers for 20+ years previously, Kathryn is also a teacher with myself having a background in hospitality and management. \Mixing the two worlds of schools and hospitality allows us to not only understand the needs of teachers, but to be able to deliver on providing an experience that is enjoyable to teachers and students. We are a school only accommodation, meaning we look after schools and schools only!

AWGT: Can you tell me what makes CAM’s location so great?

The Capital Airport Motel is in Queanbeyan, which is known for its country town feel, within really close proximity to the city. We are only 7 minutes’ drive from Canberra Airport and 15 minutes’ drive to some of Canberra’s most exciting attractions such as Questacon, Parliament House, Old Parliament house etc.

AWGT: Excellent. What about the facilities and amenities you provide on-site? Are there any specific features that are particularly attractive to school groups?

CAM’s accommodation opens onto an internal, enclosed area, meaning students are not needing to roam carparks or outdoor space to find teachers or facilities such as bathrooms. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms, reverse cycle air-conditioning with our teacher rooms featuring 55in smart TV’s, Queen beds, tea and coffee making facilities and high speed wi-fi to ensure our teachers are as comfortable as possible while away from home.

We offer free of charge night activities to all groups staying with us. These activities are run by CAM staff, and allows students to have a fun, interactive activity, while allowing teachers to re-group and recharge. We also have separate student and teacher dining rooms. While we understand that teachers need to be close to their students, we can offer two connected dining rooms, one for students and one for teachers.

CAM staff look after students during meals, while a separate team look after teachers, again allowing teachers to regroup and recharge while having a meal. We also understand that things happen, and teachers need to move around Canberra, whether that be to Woolworths, the pharmacy, or reason at all, so we have courtesy vehicles for teachers to use at their leisure, no need to worry about missing out on Taxis or Ubers, having the coach driver detour, teachers can just borrow one of our CAM vehicles for the day if they would like, FOC of course!

AWGT: Safety is certainly a top priority for schools. How do you handle dietary restrictions and special meal requirements for students with allergies or dietary preferences?

Our staff, from our juniors right up to Kathryn and I, and everyone in-between are trained on special diets and how to manage them.
Our head of catering and myself have a background in allergen management and not only understand the importance of managing special diets correctly, but are able to do so safely, without compromising service standards, no matter how many students we have staying.

We have very strict processes in place to ensure all students, no matter their requirement is catered for with variety.
Students when they arrive are all briefed on the special diet process, as are teachers to ensure smooth dining throughout groups stays, both while dining on-site, and when having CAM provide lunches off-site.

AWGT: What is the one thing teachers ask for when checking at at CAM?

Each group have individual needs, Kathryn, our team and I do our very best to meet each one of them. First day arrival can be stressful, especially for schools that are new to CAM. When you arrive, anything you need, we either have ready, can organise or point you in the right direction of very quickly.

  1. Forgotten a copy of your rooming allocation? We will have one ready to go upon arrival.
  2. Unsure about the motel layout? No need to worry, we take each group of teachers on a tour of the building when you arrive, even if you have stayed before. This allows us time to talk through processes, show you around, and of course bypass the kitchen for some of Amy’s fresh cookies ready for your arrival!
  3. You and your students don’t even need to worry about your bags, CAM’s team will worry about them for you.

AWGT: What is the one thing every student forgets at home?

This could be a long list, ha-ha……
Students can forget anything and everything. Of course, there are the common toothbrush and toothpaste, no need to stress though as we have spares, to things such as school uniforms (this one is a little harder for us to get one of). Students comfort and enjoyment is just as important to us as teachers, and we will always do whatever we can to help if something is forgotten.

AWGT: Do you have any top tips for teachers considering travelling to Canberra?

We see hundreds of schools per year and can confidently say teachers that have used a travel agency are always more relaxed than those that don’t. Teachers work so incredibly hard as it is, having someone else to look after excursions is a real time saver, only today I had a group tell me that in previous years they have made all of their own plans, but this year used an agent, ‘Last year I planned everything, and long days become even longer, this year, we approved the dates, approved the itinerary and have just been told to get on and off the bus, it’s been amazing, knowing the details are all taken care of means we as teachers have had more time to ensure the students are getting the most out of their trip, it’s a win win!, I’m less stressed and enjoying the experience more, the students are having an incredible experience, and the cost is actually less than when I booked everything myself!’.

I would say one of the most important things for future trips is accommodation bookings!
For Kathryn and I, booking a trip for next year now is the norm, however for Canberra Educational trips, booking now for next year is a near impossible task. CAM is currently taking bookings up until the end of 2027, with spots filling very fast.

Again, teachers are busy, but travel agents can secure dates for you to ensure you’re able to get bookings at your preferred accommodation.
CAM also takes future bookings without a deposit until 12 months prior to travel, this means you can hold your dates, with no financial commitment until closer to travel.

AWGT: Thank you, for sharing this information with us Ryan. It’s clear that the Capital Airport Motel is well-prepared to meet the needs of school excursions. We appreciate your time today.

You’re welcome and thank you for considering us as your accommodation provider. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your school and provide a memorable experience for your students.


If you would like to have your school group stay at The Capital Airport Motel, contact with us via our quick request link or send us a quote request (obligation free) with a note to say “please include CAM” and we will check availability for you.

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