Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be travelling with a reliable company?

Away We Go Tours has been in business since 2003 and we have perfected the school excursion experience throughout Australia and the world. We are a licensed Travel Agency, a member of AFTA - Australian Federation of Travel Agencies and members of the ASTA – American Society of Travel Agents, registered with IATA - International Air Transport Association and hold a Travel Industry Designator Service code.

Do Away We Go Tours book everything for us?

Yes we can. We can book as much or as little as you require.

How do I determine student numbers?

Invariably, there will be students wishing to join the trip (and possibly having to withdrawal for various reasons) right up until the final numbers have been determined approximately 6 weeks before the trip begins. So as to establish a trip cost and begin booking procedures and flight reservations, it is very important to try to get an idea of the number of students interested in travelling as soon as possible. Generally a minimum of 14 paying students are required to make a trip cost effective with a group of 20 to 30 being an ideal size. (No maximum size groups). NB. In most cases, provisions are made for complimentary travel for accompanying teachers based on groups of 16 + students with groups of 25 + students allowing complimentary travel for 2 or more teachers.

When should I book flights?

The most important consideration for travellers is securing firm travelling dates so flights can be reserved as far in advance as possible. This should be done as soon as possible. Reservations can be amended or even cancelled at any time; however booking flights quickly to reserve places is most imperative.

Should I take Travel Insurance? Can you help?

Away We Go Tours can issue a competitive group insurance policy for any student group (originating in Australia only). Travel Insurance is a compulsory requirement for all our overseas tours and is often included in your quote.

How are payments structured?

Payments are made in four instalments over 12-15 months to lessen the pressure of large payments. The first instalment of $1000 is payable on completion of the Booking Form.

What are the deposit requirements?

Once students have been informed of the dates for the trip, it is important to collect deposits from students to get a good idea of the level of commitment to travelling. Student deposits will ideally be kept by the school and paid to AWGT’S in a lump sum at a pre-determined date.

Passports & Visa requirements?

All students must have a valid passport and that their passports are valid for at least 6 months from the day the trip concludes. Please contact us for more information about entry Visa requirements.

Can you help with our Risk Assessments?

Risk assessment requirements and procedures are applicable to students and schools throughout the world and we are happy to provide comprehensive risk assessment documentation and background information on staff/tour leaders (including ‘working with children’ documents/first aid certificates etc) upon request. 

Where can I find reliable travel and safety advice?

It is advised that you check Smartraveller before travelling to any destination. “Official travel advice for Australians covering all destinations”.


While generally pleasant and hassle free, transport in any country can be erratic at times, Flight and Train schedules change which can sometimes result in delays. Local guides will always be aware of the local conditions and ensure that all your transport throughout the country runs as smoothly as possible. All motor vehicles used by AWGT’S for overland road journeys, tours and transfers are modern and air conditioned, licensed to carry foreign visitors and fully insured. Typical vehicles are modern buses and mini buses.

What are the health and vaccination requirements?

It is expected that students will be in good health at the commencement of any trip. However it is advised to research the country in which you are travelling to for any health advice. You can do this by either the online Travel Doctor or consulting your local doctor for further information. Carrying a prescription for glasses and medication is advised. See our Planning Tips page for more information.

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

Food is a highlight for most travellers & AWGT’s knows & understand very well that students quite often have dietary requirements. All dietary information is forwarded onto all the relevant accommodation and catering providers. It is AWGT’s expectation that all dietaries are catered for however occasionally there may be exemptions. Bottled water is readily available and recommended at all times.

What are the standards of accommodation?

Travelling to exotic places, meeting interesting new people and experiencing life changing events can often be very challenging. As such, we carefully select accommodation that is very comfortable, well located and a pleasure to retreat to after a day out exploring. Our standard hotels are all comfortable 3 star+ properties.

Are the teachers in separate rooms to the students? Can teachers have single rooms?

Teachers (and adults) are always in separate rooms to the children, unless otherwise requested. Male and female teachers are always in separate rooms unless requested otherwise. Single rooms are determined based on request and availability.

What clothes should I pack?

Depending on the destination and time of year of travel AWGT’S will recommend the most suitable clothing attire. Good walking shoes are essential. Shorts are acceptable on women however some countries are still modest and very revealing clothing is frowned upon. Some temples and sites do not permit shorts above the knee or sleeveless tops. Restaurants require travellers to wear only casual clothing.

Do I have my own personalised Tour Coordinator?

Yes. When a school books with us, a Tour coordinator is assigned to you. This means you have one point of contact and someone on the other end of the line who thoroughly knows your details and requirements.

What will I get out of it?

Travel will teach you lessons about life and people not covered in the classroom. You’ll get a taste of leadership, work closely with a team, share responsibilities, gain self-confidence through making decisions and discover something about yourself. You’ll return home with a different perspective on life.